Juice Monkey

Juice monkey.. That funky monkey! Juice monkey junkie, that funky monkey!

Jamming to some Beastie Boys this morning on my day off. Can’t help it but sing this song every time I’m juicing up something yummy! Even if I’m adding my own words to benefit myself..
Juicing has become quite popular in my house, and it’s one of my favorite things to do with my mum on Mondays. It’s apart of our ‘healthy ritual‘ to start the week off right!!
Did you know, juicing can help your body to better absorb the nutrients in veggies and fruits? As well as cleanse, boost your immune system, act as a nutrient rich jolt of energy, help to get rid of fruits and veggies on the verge of going bad, and for all of those who don’t like vegetables/fruits; get them into their diet without knowing (perfect for kids).

This mornings juice is filled to the brim with super tasty and healthy goodies!
Purple Kale:
Nicknamed ‘the queen of greens’ this leafy veggie is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and K, copper, manganese, potassium, iron, and phosphorous. It has also been said to be a cancer fighter, and is low in calories. It is a power house of healthy properties!!

Apple: Crunchy, sweet and tart, this fruit is anything but ‘forbidden’!!
They help to aid in bone protection, lower cholesterol, lower the body’s need for insulin, and also have cancer fighting properties.

Peach: High in fiber, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron and are a sweet treat-without the added calories. That’s just peachy if you ask me!

Carrot: Not just for rabbits guys- while many studies have also showed these orange beauties prevent cancer, they also improve vision, prevent heart disease, nourish the skin, help to clean your teeth and are a anti aging veggie!!

Ginger: This powerful herb has been viewed as a natural remedy for various ailments over the centuries. From cancer to migraines, cramps, heartburn, colds and flu! It’s a natural pain killer, is a pungent flavoring that can be used in various dishes, and has been proven to be one of the plants with the highest amounts of antioxidants! A little goes a looong way too.



My juice was even smiling at me today!!! Haha, almost at least. Then, when we decided we needed a liiitle more oomph and liquid to it.. We threw in a sweet potato.

Fibre, Vitamin B6&A,C, and E, potassium, beta-carotene. One medium sweet potato provides your body with with its complete recommended amount of Vitamin A, and are also cancer fighters. This juice is just a cancer fighting vitamin enriched machine! Delicious, nutritious, and a filling way to begin your day.
The only downfalls to juicing, are that some fibre can get lost due to the pulp that is left out after squeezing all the nutrients out of your produce.. Which leads to the other downfall: it leaves behind a LOT of pulp.. But, that pulp can be recycled into baked goods, including muffins and even pancakes, or frozen in cubes for using in broths later!

I’ll drink to that.
Xo Caity


Breakfast shakes, the perfect solution to a morning starting late

This summer, I feel like I have been doing nothing but waking up late. Usually, I am up at 6:30, get my workouts in, clean my house, dishes, get some laundry in and I’m out the door by 9:35 heading to work.
But it seems like no amount of my much needed java can break me from my tired zombie state.


So on days like these (which have been coming more often than not..)
I need something quick in the mining that will fill me without weighing me down. My go to is a perfect breakfast smoothie!!!
Today’s concoction included a few of my favorite’s:

0% Greek yogurt– fat free, thick, adds richness to your shakes, and is an awesome base.
Flax milk– I just recently discovered this stuff and love it. I thought it would be quite a bit like rice milk, which I do not like, but it’s FAR from it! Balanced taste, not a significant flavor, but earthy all to its own. Plus, fibre galore!
Raspberries– these little sweeties are not only fat burners, vitamin c (amongst other vitamins), antioxidants as flavonoids, their also super tasty (Im sure you knew that though!)
Spinach– Popeyes was right on this one, spinach is an anti inflammatory, protects your eyes, promotes healthy skin, and is low calorie! About 7 calories per cup.
Blueberry greens– this is my go to, all time favorite smoothie add!! (Besides nut butter!) High in more antioxidants, this powder increases energy and vitality, improves your over all cardiovascular wellness, protective nutrients for all sorts of good things (younger healthy skin, vision, fights toxins in your body) and the flavor is phenomenal. It makes anything taste like dessert!
Almond-Cashew butter– Almonds are a fabulous source of calcium for vegetarians/vegans and everyone! They also lower cholesterol, provide healthy fats (aid in weight loss), nourish the nervous system and lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after a meal- while cashews hold heart protective healthy fats, are high in magnesium and copper.


My recipe:
*3/4 cup 0% strawberry Greek yogurt
*1 cup raspberries
*3 rounded teaspoons Blueberry Greens
*1/2 cup flax milk
*Handful of spinach
*1 tablespoon nut butter
Top it off with water, and add a few drops of stevia I used Valencia orange from SweetLeaf.
Blend and enjoy! Ohhh the benefits of a Magic Bullet ✨

Have a good morning everyone ☺
Xo Caity

Clean Reeces Pieces cup

I don’t know HOW many of you actually use coconut oil.. But seriously, this stuff is heaven sent.
Not only is it a fabulous food staple; can be used in replacement for just about any oil, when heated up and mixed with cacao it turns into a liquid chocolate shell! Seriously, pour it onto some ice cream and watch the magic happen.
It’s also:
Is an natural skin lotion (perfect for all sorts of dry spots!)
Removes eye makeup
Supposedly helps to remove stretch marks
To help reduce burning while in the sun.
Removes frizz in hair, as well as adds tons of moisture.
Can be used as an intensive night time facial moisturizer
Is an all natural lip chap!
Can help to ease psoriasis ad eczema
An energy booster! You can just literally eat a spoon full of this stuff.
A safe personal lubricant 🙊

But on to the point of my post..
One of my absolute favorite.. Yet guilty as can be pleasures- are Reeces Pieces peanut butter cups. Seriously. Those damn things.. Their like little cups of pure evil.
In ONE PB cup, there is 4.5g of saturated fat, 24g of carbohydrates, 5g of protein (Whoo! Wait.. I’m just trying to make myself feel better) and- is a mere.. 105 calories.
But.. Putting aside calories, which honestly, I have had to battle with for YEARS- and finally come to the conclusion as long as they are good calories- just eat it . These things are bad to the bone.. Deliciously, and totally awful for your body. But, I am completely obsessed with peanut butter anything. Especially chocolate and peanut butter.. Or actually just about all nut butters.
So I decided, how can I make a HEALTHIFIED version of my arch nemesis?
Then I remembered a few months back, I had read that coconut oil while melted down and mixed with chocolate would re solidify when cool, to create a ‘magic chocolate shell’ (you have to try it, it’s amazing.)
So I got to creating! These babies are so simple, you will have a decadent little treat in no time. This recipe even yields TWO treats! So you can share 😏 (yea right)

1 heaping tbsp Nuvitas cacao powder
2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
A small drop of stevia
2 tsp almond butter ( 1 teaspoon for each cup!)
A pinch of pink salt

First, melt your coconut oil in the microwave. It only needs about 20-30 seconds! Whisk in your cacao powder, making sure there are no clumps what so ever. Then you can add your salt and stevia to the mixture!
I used silicone baking cups to mold these, and all you need to do is pour a bit into the bottom of each mold, then the teaspoon of whatever nut butter you choose, and full the rest up with your coconut-cacao oil mix!!
Set in freezer for at LEAST one hour.

And set up against Reeces Pieces cups.. These are punched full of antioxidants, good omegas, iron, magnesium, calcium, and protein! I honestly don’t know the exact amount in each, or calories for that matter (siiincee I don’t count anymore! Just eat good food till I’m full.)
But I do know.. I feel a lot better about eating one or two of these than I do about eating a Reeces, after reading the ingredients list.

Enjoy, and imagine the possibilities ☺ (hellooo Caitys reeces almond milkshakes, chopped up on frozen yogurt, or baked into peanut butter black bean brownies!!!)