Flu fighter cookies

Day 3 of laying in bed, and I am getting bored.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sleeping when I feel this down.. It’s just hard to sit still when my mind just wanders around aimlessly, while my body tries to fight a war.
This morning, when I made the trek to the kitchen, I decided I was going to treat myself. Not only are these cookies low on the sweet scale, they settled my stomach and actually eased my throat-thanks to the big fresh chunks of ginger I threw in 😉
Sometimes when I’m sick, I just want sweets and whatever will make me feel good in the moment.. But I know that that is not the right thing to do for my body. These bed-ridden biscuits will do just the trick, for the ailing confection lover.

Recipe is for 1 serving, yields 4 small cookies

Flu fighters
-2 tablespoons whole wheat flour
-2 tablespoons coconut flour
-1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
-dash of salt
-2 tablespoons of unsweetened apple sauce
-1/2 teaspoon chia seeds+1 teaspoon water (mixed until a gel forms)
-A few drops Vanilla Cream Stevia
-Add a few splashed of almond milk
-Add in your flu fighting toppings. I went with raw cacao chips, fresh ginger, and cranberries.

Preheat oven to 350, and mix all ingredients together. Don’t worry about doing them separately, for one I don’t feel like taking the extra step right now, and two, this recipe mixed just fine.
Form little balls and flatten on parchment, and pop in the oven for 20 minutes.

While waiting, enjoy a throat soothing lite coconut milk&berry popsicle.

Coconut milk contains lauric acid, which helps your body convert chemicals that are known to help fight of viruses-and it’s an anto-bacterial agent. Berries of all shapes, sizes, color and types keep your brain sharp, boost heart health, control weight, antioxidants- which keep your immune system in shape.

Waiting down till the very last tick tick tick.. My kitchen was filling with the strong earthy scent of ginger. And that’s about all I could smell, since my nose is so plugged, but ginger is such a fabulous anti inflammatory! DING! They were finally done. 😍

Now, you may ask ‘Will these actually make me better?
No.. I’m afraid their not a miracle cookie. There is no magic antidote in these, nor do I know the secret to wellness through baking. But, they do contain some very critical sickness fighting agents, and lets face it, their yummy and feel good on your stomach.

Coconut flour is an antibacterial, boosts energy, cleanses the body’s internal system and is high in protein.
Whole wheat flour has been shown in recent studies to produce healthier blood pressure levels, reduce inflammatory disease, reduce the risk of strokes 30-60%, and better weight management.
Unsweetened Apple sauce is awesome for queasy stomachs! It has fiber, vitamin C, and works just like butter in most recipes (lessening the fat/caloric density in any meal)
Chia seeds also high in fiber, these teensy seeds are jam packed in Omega-3’s (brain healthy goodies), manganese, phosphorous, supposedly rid the body of toxins, and when mixed with water to create a gel; can replace eggs in recipes OR make chia pudding!!!
Raw cacao nibs; NOT ‘cocoa’, this is the unprocessed form of chocolate. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and various minerals, raw chocolate can aid in cardiovascular function, improve digestion, and makes our brains happy (lipid anandamide)!
Cranberries strengthen the immune system in lots of ways, and also contain anti aging properties, contain citric acid that prevent and cure bladder infection, and are a blast of vitamin C.
Ginger is a given- this stuff is a cure all! I love it!

I’m going to watch Thelma&Louise now, and catch a bit more shut eye. What’s even better for your when your feeling ill than all these ‘remedies’? Rest.
Enjoy your cookies 😊( even if your not feeling lousy), until next time.


Xo Caity


Clean Reeces Pieces cup

I don’t know HOW many of you actually use coconut oil.. But seriously, this stuff is heaven sent.
Not only is it a fabulous food staple; can be used in replacement for just about any oil, when heated up and mixed with cacao it turns into a liquid chocolate shell! Seriously, pour it onto some ice cream and watch the magic happen.
It’s also:
Is an natural skin lotion (perfect for all sorts of dry spots!)
Removes eye makeup
Supposedly helps to remove stretch marks
To help reduce burning while in the sun.
Removes frizz in hair, as well as adds tons of moisture.
Can be used as an intensive night time facial moisturizer
Is an all natural lip chap!
Can help to ease psoriasis ad eczema
An energy booster! You can just literally eat a spoon full of this stuff.
A safe personal lubricant 🙊

But on to the point of my post..
One of my absolute favorite.. Yet guilty as can be pleasures- are Reeces Pieces peanut butter cups. Seriously. Those damn things.. Their like little cups of pure evil.
In ONE PB cup, there is 4.5g of saturated fat, 24g of carbohydrates, 5g of protein (Whoo! Wait.. I’m just trying to make myself feel better) and- is a mere.. 105 calories.
But.. Putting aside calories, which honestly, I have had to battle with for YEARS- and finally come to the conclusion as long as they are good calories- just eat it . These things are bad to the bone.. Deliciously, and totally awful for your body. But, I am completely obsessed with peanut butter anything. Especially chocolate and peanut butter.. Or actually just about all nut butters.
So I decided, how can I make a HEALTHIFIED version of my arch nemesis?
Then I remembered a few months back, I had read that coconut oil while melted down and mixed with chocolate would re solidify when cool, to create a ‘magic chocolate shell’ (you have to try it, it’s amazing.)
So I got to creating! These babies are so simple, you will have a decadent little treat in no time. This recipe even yields TWO treats! So you can share 😏 (yea right)

1 heaping tbsp Nuvitas cacao powder
2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
A small drop of stevia
2 tsp almond butter ( 1 teaspoon for each cup!)
A pinch of pink salt

First, melt your coconut oil in the microwave. It only needs about 20-30 seconds! Whisk in your cacao powder, making sure there are no clumps what so ever. Then you can add your salt and stevia to the mixture!
I used silicone baking cups to mold these, and all you need to do is pour a bit into the bottom of each mold, then the teaspoon of whatever nut butter you choose, and full the rest up with your coconut-cacao oil mix!!
Set in freezer for at LEAST one hour.

And set up against Reeces Pieces cups.. These are punched full of antioxidants, good omegas, iron, magnesium, calcium, and protein! I honestly don’t know the exact amount in each, or calories for that matter (siiincee I don’t count anymore! Just eat good food till I’m full.)
But I do know.. I feel a lot better about eating one or two of these than I do about eating a Reeces, after reading the ingredients list.

Enjoy, and imagine the possibilities ☺ (hellooo Caitys reeces almond milkshakes, chopped up on frozen yogurt, or baked into peanut butter black bean brownies!!!)