Flu fighter cookies

Day 3 of laying in bed, and I am getting bored.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sleeping when I feel this down.. It’s just hard to sit still when my mind just wanders around aimlessly, while my body tries to fight a war.
This morning, when I made the trek to the kitchen, I decided I was going to treat myself. Not only are these cookies low on the sweet scale, they settled my stomach and actually eased my throat-thanks to the big fresh chunks of ginger I threw in 😉
Sometimes when I’m sick, I just want sweets and whatever will make me feel good in the moment.. But I know that that is not the right thing to do for my body. These bed-ridden biscuits will do just the trick, for the ailing confection lover.

Recipe is for 1 serving, yields 4 small cookies

Flu fighters
-2 tablespoons whole wheat flour
-2 tablespoons coconut flour
-1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
-dash of salt
-2 tablespoons of unsweetened apple sauce
-1/2 teaspoon chia seeds+1 teaspoon water (mixed until a gel forms)
-A few drops Vanilla Cream Stevia
-Add a few splashed of almond milk
-Add in your flu fighting toppings. I went with raw cacao chips, fresh ginger, and cranberries.

Preheat oven to 350, and mix all ingredients together. Don’t worry about doing them separately, for one I don’t feel like taking the extra step right now, and two, this recipe mixed just fine.
Form little balls and flatten on parchment, and pop in the oven for 20 minutes.

While waiting, enjoy a throat soothing lite coconut milk&berry popsicle.

Coconut milk contains lauric acid, which helps your body convert chemicals that are known to help fight of viruses-and it’s an anto-bacterial agent. Berries of all shapes, sizes, color and types keep your brain sharp, boost heart health, control weight, antioxidants- which keep your immune system in shape.

Waiting down till the very last tick tick tick.. My kitchen was filling with the strong earthy scent of ginger. And that’s about all I could smell, since my nose is so plugged, but ginger is such a fabulous anti inflammatory! DING! They were finally done. 😍

Now, you may ask ‘Will these actually make me better?
No.. I’m afraid their not a miracle cookie. There is no magic antidote in these, nor do I know the secret to wellness through baking. But, they do contain some very critical sickness fighting agents, and lets face it, their yummy and feel good on your stomach.

Coconut flour is an antibacterial, boosts energy, cleanses the body’s internal system and is high in protein.
Whole wheat flour has been shown in recent studies to produce healthier blood pressure levels, reduce inflammatory disease, reduce the risk of strokes 30-60%, and better weight management.
Unsweetened Apple sauce is awesome for queasy stomachs! It has fiber, vitamin C, and works just like butter in most recipes (lessening the fat/caloric density in any meal)
Chia seeds also high in fiber, these teensy seeds are jam packed in Omega-3’s (brain healthy goodies), manganese, phosphorous, supposedly rid the body of toxins, and when mixed with water to create a gel; can replace eggs in recipes OR make chia pudding!!!
Raw cacao nibs; NOT ‘cocoa’, this is the unprocessed form of chocolate. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and various minerals, raw chocolate can aid in cardiovascular function, improve digestion, and makes our brains happy (lipid anandamide)!
Cranberries strengthen the immune system in lots of ways, and also contain anti aging properties, contain citric acid that prevent and cure bladder infection, and are a blast of vitamin C.
Ginger is a given- this stuff is a cure all! I love it!

I’m going to watch Thelma&Louise now, and catch a bit more shut eye. What’s even better for your when your feeling ill than all these ‘remedies’? Rest.
Enjoy your cookies 😊( even if your not feeling lousy), until next time.


Xo Caity


Under the weather

Today I woke up feeling extra sore and crappy.. My body aches. I had been up with a wicked cough and my ears/head and sinuses feel like their about to combust!
I always find when I’m sick.. I really don’t want anything to eat. But I know my body really needs food at this point for energy- so I usually muster up something very bland- or spicy. Spicy always does for me when I am feeling yucky, because that means cayenne, ginger and garlic!!! And I am a big believer in the holistic methods- if it’s worked for hundreds of years before my time, it’s going to work now.

Being vegetarian, this is another issue. Can’t expect a bowl of chicken noodle soup to help me now can I! And getting enough protein while I’m down and out is always hard (I don’t want anything heavy sitting on my stomach, especially when I’m laying in bed all day 😷)
Some of my sick day must haves I will list below:
-Peanut butter toast bland, simple, but delicious and protein filled! Also light, and even just plain toast will do when your feeling nauseas. I find peanut butter a good spread when I don’t feel too hot because the flavor isn’t very over the top (almond can be a little strong for an upset tummy) and PB adds some extra calories to your day if you haven’t had much to eat!

-Soup plain vegetable broths (filled with ginger garlic and spices of course), carrot-ginger, sweet potato, miso with tofu.. All these are easily digestible soups, that are full of nutrients to help you fight your sickness.

-Smoothies I crave fresh fruit when I am sick! Especially oranges, a good creamy orange smoothie settles my tummy in no time. I also like to add whatever frozen fruits I have, and almond milk. Easy going down, and cold on a sore throat.

-Fresh pressed juice again, carrot ginger people!! This is a life saver. But, just about all juicing will be good at this point to fill in a little but of vitamins. So whatever your tummy can handle; juice away!!

My day started off with dragging my butt out of bed to find something for breakfast I could achieve without great effort.. So some yogurt stirred with blueberry greens, a diced peach, and 1 of my lemon-coconut energy balls crumbled on top did the trick. I laid in bed the next few hours like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s day off reassuring myself I probably was certainly dying, and watched a movie-dozing off into a quick bout of sleep. (Anyone else find when their sick their constantly awoken by discomfort and god knows what!?)
I was stirred from my sleep a few hours later, to my phenomenal boyfriend, who had made me a pot of veggie-soy ‘chicken’ noodle soup!! (Just when I was complaining about not having that option anymore 😉!). It was absolutely amazing, spicy, and filled with our homemade whole grain pasta noodles. He sure does know how to warm my heart!

I watched another movie at this point, trying to keep my mind stimulated as I absolutely despise missing work, and dozed off for another couple hours, waiting very impatiently to go to my doctors appointment. Which turned out, to reveal I may have strep throat.. Meaning I get to sit around dying and wait on results until I can get some antibiotics in me.
*On a side note, I’m not usually this whiney when I’m sick. I think it’s because I have a lot of time on my hands and laying in bed on my phone blogging is so easy. 😆
Dinner time came around and I really just wasn’t feelin it.. I just don’t have much of an appetite now, but my boyfriend insisted.
So peanut butter&sugar free jam sandwich, and a fruit&ginger filled smoothie it was! I’m not going to complain, because both were satisfying and yummy. How often do you get to eat pb&j for dinner!? The wonders of being an adult..



Has anyone tried Dempsters Garden Vegetable bread!? Usually, I’m not big on the name brand marketed breads, because their filled with crap.. But this stuff is pretty amazing. With real vegetables baked into the loaf, whole grains, and every 2 slices contains 1/2 serving of veggies! Which honestly isn’t that amazing.. But why not sneak some vegetables into bread!? This is probably an amazing ploy to get children to eat their vegetables, but I’m loving it.
Ingredients list:
Whole grain whole wheat flour including the germ, water, vegetables (carrots, pumpkin), sugar, yeast*, vegetable oil (canola or soybean), wheat gluten, salt, vinegar, cultured wheat starch, soybean lecithin.


Ginger ale is also a perfect remedy I find- but filled with sugar, artificial flavours, and some brands contain high fructose corn syrup.. I’m not a pop drinker either, but my favorite brand of stevia sweetened sodas ‘Zevia‘ have a Ginger-Ale flavour, which my loving man brought me in hopes of lessening my grumpyness and upset stomach.


But I did get a lovely surprise in the mail to cheer me up!! My PINK Lululemon ‘Skinny Will’ pants finally arrived 😊 so I am lounging my sick butt around in them, feeling a little extra stylish and comfy.
That’s all I can muster up for today folks.. I promise I will blog something better in the next few days when I’m not feeling like death is hovering over my bedside.


Xo Caity