Summertime sadness

I am finally on antibiotics! Let the healing begin. Clarithromycin, which is used to great heavy duty infections (which brings me onto my second topic)- I have a chest infection. This is the second time this year I have had acute bronchitis in a year.. Though it may not sound like a very big deal, it absolutely sucks, and can be incredibly harmful.

On a side note, I dragged my butt out of bed to receive my Vega package this morning!!! Yay! Can’t wait to start feeling better and use all the goodies 😊 The omega oil couldn’t have come in at a better time!!

I am so excited to try Vega’s brand new sugar-free pre workout energizer! They have two flavours: Acai berry, and Lemon lime. I purchased lemon lime, I love citrus! 🍋🍋 Each serving is only five calories, and sweetened with stevia (yay stevia!) It includes 10 plant based performance enhancing ingredients, such as Yerba mate, green tea, and ginseng, that when working together create a balanced energy booster.
I am a bigbig longtime fan of Vega’s Energizing smoothies. My favorite flavor so far has been Vanilla almondilla, but my sister raved about Tropical tango, so I had to purchase it. I also bought a few sample of Bodacious berry to try, which I immediately put to good use as I needed to take my antibiotics without an empty stomach. I usually mix my Vega with 1 part water- 1 part almond milk, and the recommended scoop of protein. From what I could taste (damn you congestion) it was sweet- and sadly that’s about all I can say right now. It definitely filled me up, but I will do a better review on them later.

For lunch, I had what was left of my spicy kimchi soup, and chopped up a beautiful yellow zucchini!! I absolutely love squash of all kinds.

These are low in calories (one medium zucchini is only 31 calories!!) have loads of vitamins and are just plain yummy.
And yellow vegetables are ‘beauty’ aids 💛


AND TO MAKE MY DAY EVEN BETTER, my boyfriend just walked in the door with more mail.. Containing my free 13 flavour Quest Bar sample pack the lovely people at Quest Nutrition sent me!!


😍😍 Oh my GOD I am freaking out! I will also do a review on these fabulous bars. I want to eat one right now, but I can barely taste anything. So best to not spoil it!

What are your favorite protein goodies!?

Xo Caity


Vegetarianism: my life loving veggies!

10 out of my 20 years on this planet, I have been a dedicated vegetarian.
That’s right! Half of my life, I have been a veggie-belly. Not only am I incredibly proud to say this, but I love my lifestyle.
I often get asked
‘Do you eat fish?’
‘How do you get your protein?’
‘You must miss bacon.’
And several other annoying, obnoxious questions.. Almost as annoying as when people think its okay to grab and prod at my tattoos, or call them ‘tatts or ink’. No, just sit down and shut up please.

When I was younger, I did often struggle to find nutritious ways of eating.. Pasta, cheese, and bread are always easy. Thank goodness for my mother, who is very health and nutrition based, took it upon herself to educate not only us- but also my father and her, into eating a wholesome vegetarian lifestyle.
I do not eat fish, but on occasion I do eat eggs. So I guess you could say I am an ovo-vegetarian. Their not apart of my everyday food intake-but I do enjoy them. I try to only eat eggs from a neighbors farm, and stick to free range. No, I do not miss bacon! Why would I with all the delicious substitutes on the market now a days!? And to be honest.. I don’t even remember the taste.
I also always have a good vegan protein on hand for my workouts or mixed with fruits in a smoothie as a meal replacement. Whey and casein hurt my stomach, and I believe over the years I have built up an intolerance to dairy/lactose. I don’t drink milk, and I eat very little cheese, but when I do I am sick for hours.
Some of my favorite ways to get protein are:
Beans/Legumes: Black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, edamame/soy beans, navy beans you name it! I love them all. There are some AWESOME recipes for veggie burgers made with beans too. They can be delicious on their own, or in soups/chillis, baked, or even made into sweet baked goods like brownies. (Don’t knock it till you try it!)

Whole grains: Like quinoa and brown rice, these can be a staple food in meals. You can also make veggie patties with them! I’m a big veggie patty lover.

Tofu/Soy: While I’m not a big fan of soy milk, I absolutely love tofu!! It’s good in stirfrys, soups, grilled. It’s also a main ingredient in many dairy free cheeses, faux-‘meats’ and one of my favorites- tempeh! On the less savory side, they also make soy yogurts and ice creams! Tofu can also be blended and added to make creamy sauces- like vegan alfredo or mac&cheez!

Nuts, Seeds and Nut butters: I’ve said it before and I will say it again I LOOOVE PEANUT BUTTER! Almond butter is a close second. I also love cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts and macadamia! Vegan milks are also made from nuts and seeds, my favorites being almond and flax. 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter contain 8g of protein- and it’s convenient. You can easily grab some nuts at a corner store or grocery and snack on them.

Seitan and Meat substitutes: Usually made of a combination of soy protein and wheat protein (so not gluten free) I have found various products I love- and a lot that are gross. It’s all trial and error! Once you find what you can enjoy, the possibilities are endless. Faux chicken, veggie ground round, hot dogs, I’ve even seen up and coming faux sea food products!

Protein supplements: My personal favorites have been anything with sprouted brown rice, pea protein and hemp. Again, I am not very big on soy milk OR protein (in a powdered form), but it’s all up to your taste buds.

Being a vegetarian started for me after coming across PETA video on animal cruelty (A la KFC.. Which my dad thoroughly enjoys and loves). That scared me, and made me think.
People really don’t think a lot about animals. Now, I have no problem with people who eat meat, my boyfriend is by vegetarian and cooks meat in our home. But people often gorge, and take advantage of what we have around us. Meat is not a necessity- but people have made it out to be that way. The quote ‘If slaughterhouses had windows, a lot more people would be vegetarian’ comes to mind when I talk to people about this topic. So many in humane practices go on in the meat industry- and that is why I am a vegetarian. I cannot stand the stupidity in society who try and fight on this matter.
If your someone who does want to keep meat a part of your diet- research it. Buy from local butchers, and farms. Though the price may be a bit higher than the average grocery store- your getting your money’s worth, for food that is proper, and not pumped full of chemicals and water, fed grain till they burst, or stuffed in stalls with various other animals living in their own filth.
Knowledge is power my friends.

Now to get back on topic! Experiment! Have fun with your food. I have had a lot of downfalls and A+’s in my vegetarian cooking/eating life. The best part of cooking healthy, is finding out what you enjoy. I love food and cooking, and I think that’s what makes food so much fun for me!
I will post a lot more vegetarian recipes soon, I promise! Still feeling not so great today 😪 so once I am back in tip top shape- let the veggie masterpieces begin!!!

Xo Caity

Under the weather

Today I woke up feeling extra sore and crappy.. My body aches. I had been up with a wicked cough and my ears/head and sinuses feel like their about to combust!
I always find when I’m sick.. I really don’t want anything to eat. But I know my body really needs food at this point for energy- so I usually muster up something very bland- or spicy. Spicy always does for me when I am feeling yucky, because that means cayenne, ginger and garlic!!! And I am a big believer in the holistic methods- if it’s worked for hundreds of years before my time, it’s going to work now.

Being vegetarian, this is another issue. Can’t expect a bowl of chicken noodle soup to help me now can I! And getting enough protein while I’m down and out is always hard (I don’t want anything heavy sitting on my stomach, especially when I’m laying in bed all day 😷)
Some of my sick day must haves I will list below:
-Peanut butter toast bland, simple, but delicious and protein filled! Also light, and even just plain toast will do when your feeling nauseas. I find peanut butter a good spread when I don’t feel too hot because the flavor isn’t very over the top (almond can be a little strong for an upset tummy) and PB adds some extra calories to your day if you haven’t had much to eat!

-Soup plain vegetable broths (filled with ginger garlic and spices of course), carrot-ginger, sweet potato, miso with tofu.. All these are easily digestible soups, that are full of nutrients to help you fight your sickness.

-Smoothies I crave fresh fruit when I am sick! Especially oranges, a good creamy orange smoothie settles my tummy in no time. I also like to add whatever frozen fruits I have, and almond milk. Easy going down, and cold on a sore throat.

-Fresh pressed juice again, carrot ginger people!! This is a life saver. But, just about all juicing will be good at this point to fill in a little but of vitamins. So whatever your tummy can handle; juice away!!

My day started off with dragging my butt out of bed to find something for breakfast I could achieve without great effort.. So some yogurt stirred with blueberry greens, a diced peach, and 1 of my lemon-coconut energy balls crumbled on top did the trick. I laid in bed the next few hours like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s day off reassuring myself I probably was certainly dying, and watched a movie-dozing off into a quick bout of sleep. (Anyone else find when their sick their constantly awoken by discomfort and god knows what!?)
I was stirred from my sleep a few hours later, to my phenomenal boyfriend, who had made me a pot of veggie-soy ‘chicken’ noodle soup!! (Just when I was complaining about not having that option anymore 😉!). It was absolutely amazing, spicy, and filled with our homemade whole grain pasta noodles. He sure does know how to warm my heart!

I watched another movie at this point, trying to keep my mind stimulated as I absolutely despise missing work, and dozed off for another couple hours, waiting very impatiently to go to my doctors appointment. Which turned out, to reveal I may have strep throat.. Meaning I get to sit around dying and wait on results until I can get some antibiotics in me.
*On a side note, I’m not usually this whiney when I’m sick. I think it’s because I have a lot of time on my hands and laying in bed on my phone blogging is so easy. 😆
Dinner time came around and I really just wasn’t feelin it.. I just don’t have much of an appetite now, but my boyfriend insisted.
So peanut butter&sugar free jam sandwich, and a fruit&ginger filled smoothie it was! I’m not going to complain, because both were satisfying and yummy. How often do you get to eat pb&j for dinner!? The wonders of being an adult..



Has anyone tried Dempsters Garden Vegetable bread!? Usually, I’m not big on the name brand marketed breads, because their filled with crap.. But this stuff is pretty amazing. With real vegetables baked into the loaf, whole grains, and every 2 slices contains 1/2 serving of veggies! Which honestly isn’t that amazing.. But why not sneak some vegetables into bread!? This is probably an amazing ploy to get children to eat their vegetables, but I’m loving it.
Ingredients list:
Whole grain whole wheat flour including the germ, water, vegetables (carrots, pumpkin), sugar, yeast*, vegetable oil (canola or soybean), wheat gluten, salt, vinegar, cultured wheat starch, soybean lecithin.


Ginger ale is also a perfect remedy I find- but filled with sugar, artificial flavours, and some brands contain high fructose corn syrup.. I’m not a pop drinker either, but my favorite brand of stevia sweetened sodas ‘Zevia‘ have a Ginger-Ale flavour, which my loving man brought me in hopes of lessening my grumpyness and upset stomach.


But I did get a lovely surprise in the mail to cheer me up!! My PINK Lululemon ‘Skinny Will’ pants finally arrived 😊 so I am lounging my sick butt around in them, feeling a little extra stylish and comfy.
That’s all I can muster up for today folks.. I promise I will blog something better in the next few days when I’m not feeling like death is hovering over my bedside.


Xo Caity

Manic Monday

Two recipes in one day? I’m constantly trying new things, researching, and day dreaming of food.. So this blog will be filled in no time with tasty, healthy (and maybe a few dirty little cheats) and vegetarian recipes!!

For lunch, I was sitting on Pinterest (one of my other little guilty pleasures) searching for the perfect pancake recipe. I want something made for one, low calorie, not full of sugar, and satisfying. Just when I thought I was coming up with another empty search.. I found it. Heaven on a plate, like little clouds they floated onto my plate.

Only 145 calories for the entire recipe (minus the toppings I added) no sugar added, gluten free.. All words that pop off a page to me!
The recipe is as follows:

-1/4 cup coconut flour
-1/2 teaspoon baking powder
-1/8th of a teaspoon cinnamon
-1/8th of a teaspoon salt

-2 egg whites
-1/2 cup almond milk
-A few drops liquid vanilla stevia

Mix dry, then fold in wet. Spoon into frying pan at medium heat, flipping once golden brown.
Boooom, done!


Fluffy little clouds, look at them!!!
Coconut flour needs quite a bit more liquid than usual recipes-so stick with 1/2 cup. Don’t try to do less (or more). This is literally the perfect batter ratio, and resulted in super light pancakes- too little almond milk would mean very dense little scones, and too much would probably just bubble and burn. It’s a very finicky flour.

The topping was just coconut flakes, 1/2 cup 0%greek yogurt, stevia, and a teaspoon of almond butter whisked together. 😊
So simple, but so delicious. Enjoy!

Xo Caity